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Ingrid Young

Soul Healing

akashic records ≈ reiki ≈ essential oils

"a true 'healer' sees another without all that they falsely believe about themselves and through holding this aligned view and loving them and extending compassion beyond this are they healed and moved out of it."

- Sherry Mosley



A∙ka∙shic  Re∙cord/  ākāśhic rĕkʹərd/ noun

The Akashic Records or the "The Book of Life", are the energetic records that contains information of all souls past, present, and (possible) future lives.  Each soul has its own Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime.  The Akashic Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us exactly the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime.  Through accessing the Akashic Records we can receive clarity on the soul's purpose,  understand unwanted patterns, past life experiences, and receive healing.  Time spent in the Akashic Records is like a spiritual life coaching session  with your higher being. 

90 min session - $188

Sessions are done over the phone or via video chat.


Rei∙ki/ ˈrākē/ noun

A healing technique based on the principle that channel energy by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  The healing benefits of reiki include improving sleep, balancing the mind and emotions, alleviate physical and emotional pain, and bring balance to the chakras.

A gentle Reiki session will help release emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks and allow a release of stagnate energy.

60 Min In-Person - $100

45 Min Distance  - $  60


Es∙sen∙tial Oil/ i-ˈsen(t)-shəl ˈȯi(-ə)l  /noun

The energy derived from Mother Nature has assisted us from beginning of time. The powerful properties of essential oils aid in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.  For instance, the healing properties of lavender assists in calming the mind, supports verbal expression, and is a natural anti-histamine.  All custom blends are made from certified therapeutic grade oils.  

Consultation + Personal Blend/ $50

*Sliding scale is available for all services.  Please get in touch to inquire.



The Akashic Record reading that Ingrid provided me with was awesome!  She explained the process and made me feel comfortable throughout.  The reading provied me with the understanding of things that I had tried to figure out for years.  This information gave me permission to authentically be myself as I now understand more of who I am. Thank you, Ingrid!  

- Angel L., Peru

I went into the Akashic Record reading with an open heart, unsure what exactly to expect. What ensued was so powerful.  I was amazed at how clearly Ingrid was able to provide a visual articulations of what the MTLOs had shown her - images and words that deeply resonated with me.  The ideas, thoughts, and feelings that had been lingering in my head and heart in a recent months were suddenly given a framing through the readings, it gave me a language to understand the stirrings in my heart.  The Akashic Records reading should be a surprise - it's not necessarily reading you future but validates what's been stewing within.  It has given me the confidence to walk fully into power of my own light.  Thanks for introducing me to this Ingrid. Your reading was transformative.

- Grace L., San Francisco

I have to thank Ingrid for introducing me to both the practice of Reiki and Akashic Record readings.  Ingrid put me right at ease explaining what her process is and what the intentions of her practice are before we began.  My Reiki session, although abridged due to my own time constraints, helped me enter one of the deepest relaxation state I have ever experience during and after the session.  I really appreciated Ingrid's assessment after the session illuminating which chakras were blocked and what it could mean.  I hope to book a 60 minute session with her in the near future.  I also recently had an Akashic Record reading done with Ingrid.  Her open and empathetic energy was extremely comforting as we addressed some very personal and serious questions.  

- Karen W., New York

You don't know what you don't know - and as one of the most experience psychics around, I can say that no knows your future no matter what they say. You can know energy, and for that you have to take a big step back. From your karma, your narrative, your interpretations of yourself and others. It's hard, but that's what Ingrid does. She shows you how it's all just energy.  We assign the meaning and the limitations and the possibilities based on our emotions, our karma, our understanding of possibilities, but its all just a pattern of energy.  When we can see that, then we can really begin to choose. This is why you should work with Ingrid

- Emily T., New York

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